Ewa Bocian

My consciousness expansion journey

I used to perceive self-development as a means to fix myself. If I felt unhappy and continued to suffer, then there must be something wrong with me, right? It took me a long time to realize that I genuinely love delving into the depths of consciousness or, shall I say, unconsciousness. It fascinates me how inner and outer conflicts can be resolved with simple tools that we all have the capacity to use: attunement, presence, compassion and connection.

I value honesty the most

What I value most is honesty. I learned it the hard way, living most of my life in denial of my own truth, talents, and power, trying to adapt to others' expectations. Even if it didn't seem that way, I despised myself, people, and the world. I knew suicide was not an option, yet I was so lost I couldn't see a way out.


Discovering the Hidden Struggles

Maybe you can relate. Coming from a 'good family,' no significant dramas, just ordinary situations that any kid or teenager might go through. No 'real' reasons to be unhappy, angry, sad, or miserable, right?

It wasn't until my thirties that I realized the root causes of my suffering were not so much what I experienced in my childhood but rather what I didn't receive enough of. 'You have nothing to complain about; you should be grateful!' they'd say, yet I couldn't be. If I were to summarize my life experience in four words, it would be anger to mask powerlessness, a need for control to mask a lack of security, independence to mask fear of abandonment, loneliness, and mistrust, a rebellious attitude to mask self-betrayal and pain.​​

I lacked a sense of integrity and direction that I longed for. I hated myself and my body. I pursued a career that had nothing to do with my talents or passion, and it felt meaningless. Consequently, I went through depression and developed eating disorders.



A Journey of Self-Actualization

I began experimenting with various healing modalities, tools, and practices. Slowly, I started getting to know myself.

I studied and practiced Energy Healing, Energy Field Readings, Theta Healing, Sacred Heart Space Meditations, Pranic Healing, Water and Dry Fasting, Radical Honesty, Process-Oriented Psychology, Deep Democracy, Sensory Deprivation, and finally, Parts Work and the Completion Process.

I explored different ways of accessing intuition on mental, emotional, and bodily levels, consciously involving them in decision-making processes.

Exploring new business reality

I made an intuitive shift towards businesses rooted in freedom, honesty, and transparency. I became captivated by self-organization, new ways of working, Teal Organizations, Holacracy, Non-Violent Communication, organizational development, conscious leadership, systemic work, and organizational constellations.


I was not alone

What was fundamentally supportive was having someone hold space for me on my journey - a space where I felt safe and daring, accepted and confident in my capacity to transform what was no longer serving me.

I became a more conscious, attuned, and present human being, living my life increasingly by my own standards and rules. Learning and adjusting on the go.

It doesn't make much sense to work with me if you:

  • Only want to feel good
  • Are not ready to hear the truth
  • Believe the problem lies with others
  • Don’t want to make any or too much effort
  • Think energy work, intuition, spirituality is nonsense
  • Want to be told what to do
  • Looking for a quick fix 
  • Want someone to predict your future
  • Want someone to heal you
  • Prefer standard psychotherapy
  • Don’t feel the need for change

You might profoundly benefit from working with me if you:

  • Are ready for radical honesty, even if it doesn’t feel good
  • Want to take responsibility for the quality of your life
  • Are prepared to delve into uncomfortable emotions
  • Understand that uncovering old wounds may be necessary for healing and integration
  • Acknowledge that healing is a process
  • Wish to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others
  • Are willing to make changes in your life to facilitate change


Live your truth

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